Tze Chin Tang

Sotware developer and Agilist - Organizer of Agile Tour Malaysia

Tze is a career software developer and agilist who has spend the last half of his career building teams, scaling Agile and change management. An experience practitioner of lean / kanban with a love hate relationship with Scrum. He also spends time mentoring startups and is an organizer with Agile Malaysia. Tze holds and MBA, BSE in Computer engineering and is a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

His talk: Avoiding Fragile Agile: Making Change Stick

Getting an organization to adopt Agile is challenge; making change last even more so. Tze shares his some tips, pitfallls to avoid and experience when being an Agile change leader in an organization Agile journey. This session would be for those who want to making lasting change and overcome potential challenges.