Tai Huynh

Chairman of Agile Vietnam - Founder and Agile Coach at Kyanon Digital

Tai has numerous years of experience in ICT training and development.
He was working in Ton Duc Thang university in 10 years as a lecturer and left as the Head of Software Engineering Department to move permanent to the industry. Tai founded Nguon Viet Software in 2006 and transformed to Nguon Viet Training and Consultancy which is providing profession training for software engineers and leaders from 2012.
In 2012, he founded 2nd company, Kyanon Digital, to focus more on digital production outsourcing service. Kyanon Digital working closely with integrated agencies to serve global brands for their digital campaigns.
Tai also loves to contribute to the community especially for Agile Vietnam community whereas he is the Chief Volunteer Officer, supporting the board to spread-out agile methodologies through agile meet-ups and conferences.

His talk: Know yourself and know your colleagues - The tip for successful cross-functional team

Have you ever wondered?
- Why you feel easily in working with some colleagues who just met?
- Why you can not work with some people although they don't have any personal problem?
- Why your colleagues' behaviours are sometimes opposite to their nature?
- Can you assess the personality of the opposite person in 5 seconds?

You may find the answer and know some tips for the effective cross-functional team in this session.