Shane Hastie

Chief Knowledge Engineer and Agile Practice Lead for SoftEd

Shane is the Chief Knowledge Engineer and Agile Practice Lead for SoftEd, based in New Zealand and working all around the world. He is the Lead Editor for Process & Practices and all things Agile on and is a board member of the Agile Alliance. Since first using XP in 2000 Shane's been passionate about helping organisations and teams adopt Agile practices. Shane leads SoftEd's Agile Practice, offering training, consulting, mentoring and support for organisations and teams working to improve their product development and project outcomes. With over 30 years of practical experience in software development in real-world environments, Shane has designed and built a diverse range of systems for a broad range of industries, from pharmaceutical to banking to airlines to retail and government.
Shane blogs on the Softed blog: and is on Twitter as @shanehastie
His InfoQ contributions can be found here:

Shane's talk: Applying the Agile Mindset to Tough Business Challenges

Business Agility is the latest buzzword – what does it really mean? In this talk Shane examines the underlying drivers and motivation for adopting agile approaches, explores what an agile mindset actually means and shows how the ideas embodied in the Agile Manifesto are applicable in areas of the organisation within and outside information technology. Drawing on current management theories and emerging practices shows how ideas from different sources complement and enhance each other to deliver better organisational outcomes.