Pan-Wei Ng, Ph.D.

Enterprise Lean and Agile Transformation Coach

Pan-Wei Ng, Ph.D. is an Enterprise Lean and Agile Transformation Coach with Ivar Jacobson International (IJI). He has been coaching teams and organizations in software development, architecture, requirements, test, lean and agile since 2000. He travels extensively. His clients includes Singapore Airlines, Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Fujitsu (UK), Sony (Tokyo), Samsung (Korea), Huawei Technologies, Huawei Mobile, Huawei IT (China), ICBC Bank (China), Seasun Entertainment (China), and many more. He has written two books on software development: Aspect Oriented Software Development with Use Cases (2004) and Essence of Software Engineering (2013).

His talk: State of Agile Adoption in Singapore 2015

In this short talk, Pan-Wei will share the results of the agile adoption survey conducted recently, how it compares with the industry, the insights thereof, and what it means to you and your organization, and how you can take advantage of such surveys in your road to enterprise agility.