Mirana Kerner

Agile enthusiast

I am an Agile enthusiast whose passion is to deliver products customers will love, and to create high performing teams.
Over the last 10years, my passion has driven me to lead many awesome digital products for my clients in large MNC such as Dior, L’Oreal, fnac.com. As a coach, With my specialization in product development, leadership and Scrum, I accompany business and technology throughout the whole product lifecycle from inspiration to implementation using interactive and innovative approaches. I also help teams grow and perform as leaders.

Her talk: Designing good products always start with questions, never with good ideas

Have you ever heard about those products that have been successfully released in the market but noone has never bought?
Have you ever heard about those products for which you spent a lot of money but no one has ever wanted to use?
Have you ever heard about those organizations using these iterative and incremental dev methods but never satisfy their customers?
In this talk, I will share my experience as a product owner where I have been involved in few digital products delivery and the common mistakes organizations and product management teams do while designing their products, leading to a FAIL. I will also share useful tips I used to avoid those mistakes.