Michael Bertrand

Executive Coach - Life Coach

Michael is a trained professional coach specialized in life and executive coaching, high performance teams and Agile coaching. He has had over 15 years of international experience and has coached teams and individuals globally (Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong). He has been at the forefront of large organizational transformations in Asia for international corporations. He has played competitive sports for over 20 years at a national and international level. He represented Australia at the World Championships, therefore he understands sport teams dynamics in high pressure environments and the value of leadership to achieve high performance.

His talk: Conflict in teams is a matter of choice

Explore conflict in teams and it's impact on change. Take part in an interactive workshop to discover your contribution to conflict in your own team and your impact.
The workshop/discussion explore how choices we make can lead to conflicts. The focus of the workshop is focused on individuals and their relationships with others. Then the focus is extended to a team and how it can affect a team.
There are two sort of conflict, the one that help trigger change and the one that get people stuck in life or at work. The focus of the workshop is on the second one.