Marc-André Langlais

Agile coach at Epicoaching - Pyxis Singapore

Guiding teams so that they may shine within their organization, this is what defines Marc's passion. With a little over 15 years of experience in IT, he has worked with international-scale companies, such as IBM and Global Crossing, as well as with smaller entities in the following fields: banking, government, health, transportation and telecommunication.
His sense of listening and his clear understanding of the people's needs are strong assets that allow him to help teams tool up themselves. This way, they can efficiently provide valuable solutions to meet their organization's needs.
As a speaker in several Agile events he offers a very participative approach to the event's participants. He allows them to dynamically engage in what is being brought forth, thus generating deeper insight into the subject at hand.

His workshop: Integral Facilitation - A workshop to master the art of facilitation for managers, coaches and Scrum Masters.

Co-speaker: Dave Jacques
Facilitation is more than a skillset. It combines the ability to listen, understand, challenge, assert, welcome and most of all be present. As managers and coaches we are called to adapt our ways of collaborating and managing in order to bring out the best potential in everyone throughout our organizations.
Good facilitation greatly enhances peoples' ability to negotiate and collaborate. With facilitation we avoid compromises that purposefully exclude part of the equation that often make a solution much more complete.
In this workshop we will demonstrate, with the participation of the audience, what skills, values and techniques help make a good facilitator into a great facilitator. We will illustrate a negotiation lifecycle, postures to adopt with different group styles and essential indicators took look for within a discussion. Join us in this lively workshop that offers a real time experience in professional integral facilitation.