Hoang-Anh Phan

Organization tinkerer

I fell in the Agile magic potion when I was a young software developer, very much convinced by automated unit testing. As I moved toward a more managerial role, I realized the beauty of agile self-organizing teams. Today I am passionate about using agile at a broader level to "reinvent organizations" for them to be more human and sustainable.

Her workshop: Scrum by the colors - assessing the maturity of your team and organization

Co-speaker: Henry Le
Do you wonder why some Scrum teams feel very agile while others less? How about your team? How agile do you think it is?
In this session, you will learn a colorful way to assess this maturity. You will find out what is your team favorite color between red, amber, orange, green or teal. You will also understand the underlying organizational paradigms that can be leveraged to not only affect your scrum team, but also your whole organization.