Chris Kruppa

Chief Magician

Chris believes, that success can be repeatable. Thus he reads a lot about successful organisations, events and situations and their correlations and translates those into tangible actions for small and medium enterprises.

Chris' background is in Online Media. He has a very broad interest in several topics. The more he learns, the more he wants to learn more.
Chris was a speaker at Agile Tour Vietnam, Agile Tour Osaka, Scrum Gathering Vietnam and covered Agile topics at FOSS Asia and T3CON Asia.

His talk: Why only Agile organisations will survive?

The agile manifesto is not necessarily a mindset which is only valid for IT organisations. The power of the agile manifesto is, that it can be translated to any industries. In fact, Chris is of the opinion, that any organisation of any other industry should embrace and live the agile values and principles in order to survive the growing complexity of today's globalisation.

In his talk, Chris will covers the reason, why this is necessary and how organisations can inspire their teams to embrace those values without imposing it.