Cedric Mainguy

Futurist, Innovation Enthousiast, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Agile Coach

Founder of 3 start-ups in Cambodia, India and New York; Cedric is a seasoned IT entrepreneur. Over the years, Cedric has developed a knack for structuring innovation processes and empowering teams to become highly efficient. Passionate about innovation, which is at the heart of the transformation of many industries, he works with corporate clients to revamp strategies and invent new experiences.

His workshop: How can playing lead to breakthrough innovation? An exploratory journey into innovation games and design thinking.

Co-speaker: Sylvain Mahe
A Serious Game is a game whose primary intent is not pure entertainment. We learn best when we play and an increasing number of organizations have realized the enormous potential of game-based activities. Serious Games can be applied to a broad spectrum of areas like training, hiring, generating new ideas, making meetings more effective, generating feedback about a product or service, improving communication, avoiding common decision-making pitfalls, feature prioritization, vision sharing, SWOT analysis, strategy building, reflect and learn sessions and change management... The list goes on.
Organizations like Google, IBM or the United Nations use Serious Games on a regular basis. Not a single month passes without a book, article, conference or training about this increasingly popular topic.
The growing success of Agile methods, which put a strong emphasis on people interactions, fun and build a creativity-friendly environment, have made Serious Games even more popular.
The workshops will be facilitated with the aim to bring fun into work and produce highly valuable outcomes fast.
Session outline:
- What are innovation games?
- Hands-on experimentations
- Debrief and sharing